Iran playing significant role in regional stability: Russian expert

Moscow, Dec 24, IRNA – Russian political expert Sergei Mikheyev highlighted Iran’s pivotal role in establishing and maintaining stability in the Middle East region.
  Talking to IRNA, he pointed to Iran’s initiatives in solving political issues among the regional states and said Tehran has definitely had a major role in creating and enhancing stability and security in the region.

Iran has been focusing efforts throughout the Middle East to bring peace and tranquility to some troubled countries, he added.

Mikheyev who heads the Russian Center for Political Technologies stressed Iran’s principle belief that the issues in such countries as Syria and Iraq should be solved in absence of any foreign intervention and the military presence of extra-regional countries.

He expressed the idea that problems in these two countries, like in Libya and Afghanistan, are due to foreign interferences.

Had such countries as France, the US and the UK stopped their unjustified interventions, he said, the situation could have been quite different now in these countries.

Commenting that western powers are only after their own interests and profits, Mikheyev said they would even trigger wars and fan the flames of clashes to provide for their own interests.

That is why, the expert continued, Iran is insisting on the regional security minus foreign intervention.

He said Tehran will never stand the presence of foreign forces in the Middle East region.

The identical views Tehran and Kremlin hold on the Middle East issues paves the way for further mutual cooperation, the Russian expert added.



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