Larijani, Ayatollah Hakim discuss ways to uproot terrorism

Holy Najaf, Dec 23, IRNA – In an intimate meeting here Tuesday between visiting Iranian parliament speaker and Shi’a source of jurisprudence Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Hakim ways for uprooting terrorism in the region were discussed.
“Our major concerns today include the regional crises, especially the issue of the terrorists’ activities in Iraq and in Syria,” emphasized Ali Larijani in the meeting, noting that Iran’s efforts have been aimed at staying by the side of the Iraqi and the Syrian nations and governments in their campaign against terrorism.

He said that although the Iraqi and Syrian armies and governments have achieved significant gains in the course of the recent months in their campaign against terrorism, but side by side with those victories efforts must be made aimed at seeking a political solutions to solve the crises in those counties.

Ayatollah Hakim, too, said in the meeting that the only factor deterring the increased nuisance of the terrorists in Iraq and in Syria was resorting to the religious feelings of the pious believers in sanctity of the Holy Household of Prophet Muhammad (P).

“The terrorists’ plot included destroying the political and security apparatus of Iraq and to sow the seeds of discord among the Iraqi nation, but they fortunately were not successful in achieving their goals,” he added.

Larijani who arrived in Najaf early Tuesday morning had earlier met and conferred with Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani and is scheduled to meet other sources of jurisprudence today and the Iraqi top officials on Wednesday.



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