Iran gas supply to power plants up 300% Yr/Yr

TEHRAN Dec 22 (Shana)–The Management and Planning Organization (MPO) is poised to start work in the coming days, a presidential advisor said.
Masoud Nili said the body will start work as soon as it receives the approval of President Hassan Rouhani.

MPO was reestablished on an order by President Rouhani, seven years after the dissolution of the strategic body by his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The outlines of the plan to revive and reestablish the MPO were agreed upon during a recent session of the State Supreme Administrative Council in Tehran.

In July 2007, former President Ahmadinejad dissolved the MPO and established a new budgeting body directly under his own control. Ahmadinejad’s measure sparked a flurry of criticism among political and economic circles in Iran.



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