Resistance economy tops Iran’s economic diplomacy: Zarif

Tehran, Dec 21, IRNA – Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said his ministry regards resistance economy one of its priorities to carry out economic diplomacy.
  Addressing a meeting of newly-assigned heads of Iran’s dimplomatic missions abroad, the minister urged them to seriously follow up introducing the country’s economic opportunities as well as promoting its exports based on bilateral cooperation.

Zarif referred to Superme Leader’s emphasis on the significance of resistance economy in reducing the negative impact of anti-Iran sanctions and said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accordingly employed the policy in execution of the economic diplomacy.

The meeting was participated by new ambassadors and consul generals posted to ten countries.

Zarif also hailed the role of Iranian community abroad and said Iranian expatriates have been regarded as the elites of the countries where they are living.

Iranians, he added, are famous for playing a positive role in scientific areas in majority of the countries.

The minsiter instructed the heads of missions to outline proper plans to provide services to the Iranians living abroad and to settle their problems.



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