Kermani: Iranian nuclear negotiation team quite alert

Tehran, Dec 19, IRNA – Interim Friday prayers imam of Tehran Ayatollah Mohammad-Ali Movahhedi-Kermani said in his 2nd sermon here Friday that the Iranian nuclear negotiation team is quite alert, knowing that US as number 1 enemy is after harming our prestige.
“The US plan is harming Iran’s prestige and breaching our nation’s rights resorting to various plots, but the Iranian negotiation team is quite alert and the United States’ efforts will definitely be in vain and face defeat,” reiterated the ayatollah.

He also addressed the terrorist ISIS (Daesh) group, telling them to die of sorrow, due to the millions’ strong pilgrims of Imam Hussain (P) on the 40th day anniversary after his martyrdom in Karbala (Arba’in) and congratulated the Iraqi government for preserving the security of the mourners during that massive religious ritual observed by Iraqi, Iranian, Lebanese, Syrian and many other countries’ pious believers.

The interim Friday prayers preacher of Tehran also asked the US politicians and police forces to end observing racism in that country and to heed the demands of the millions of people who have been marching in major US cities’ streets, chanting the “I can’t breathe” slogan.

“It is a shame that you treat your own people this way,” he said.

He also criticized Washington for its unlimited support for the child killer Zionist regime of Israel that is the pioneer of torturing innocent people in its horrendous jails, but meanwhile keeps fabricating lies about the breaching of the human rights in Iran, as it once did so in case of Cuba and is nor urged to confess to its mistakes there.

Movahhedi-Kermani also referred to the brutal massacre of 150 innocent Iraqi women by the side of Tigris River by the criminal ISIS terrorism, arguing that some of those women were pregnant and condemned the Taliban massacre of 100 teenaged cadets in Peshawar, Pakistan, sympathizing with their bereaved family members, the Pakistani government and nation.



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