Russian president: Moscow to broaden ties, cooperation with Tehran

Moscow, Dec 18, IRNA – Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that Moscow spares no efforts to broaden relations and cooperation with Iran.
Speaking in a press conference in Moscow, he said there is no obstacle to expansion of relations with Iran.

The Russian president also blamed decrease in the volume of trade exchange between Iran and Russia last year on international conditions.

Moscow tries to boost trade ties between the two countries, he said.

Iran’s economy is based on production and sales of oil and gas products, Puttin said.

Some believe that the current complicated situation in world oil market is a plot hatched by Saudi Arabia and the US to punish Iran and Russia, he said.

Some believe that the current problems in the market refer to tight competition between producers of crude oil, he said.

Moscow is determined to deversify its cooperation with Iran and this has been welcomed by Iranian business partners, Puttin said.

Moscow and Tehran are now cooperating in auto and aviation industries and are determined to fully broaden it, he said.

The two sides’ economic and energy officials have met in recent years to study expansion of relations and cooperation, Putin said.

In fact, the two sides’ officials are determined to help resolve existing problems, said the Russian president.

The Russian president also lauded Iran’s stand on the country’s nuclear dossier.

Russia contributed to the construction of Busherhr nuclear plant and will continue its cooperation, underlined President Putin.

Putin’s annual press conference took about three hours in which he highlighted domestic, regional and global issues.

Some 1,259 domestic and foreign reporters covered Putin’s press conference.



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