New plan to save Urmia Lake unveiled

TEHRAN, Dec. 18 (MNA) – Iranian deputy minister of energy has announced a new plan to save Urmia Lake.

Iranian Deputy Minister of Energy Alireza Daemi announced cessation of construction of four large dams in Urmia Lake basin, the largest lake in the Middle East and one of the unique ecosystems of the world.

Describing the Lake’s latest status as well as the measures taken to save it, Alireza Daemi pointed to a series of measures focused on solving Lake crisis including cloud seeding, reducing water consumption, environmental impact assessment, productivity increase, etc.

Alireza Daemi pointed to the governmental budget and necessary funds allocated to save the Lake and highlighted the measures to be carried out simultaneously.

Pointing to the ongoing improvement in the level of the Lake due to more precipitationduring autumn, Daemi underlined that the accumulated rainfall is around 170 mm which is related to the ecological aspect and requires extensive work in the field of agriculture.

“Dredging rivers, cloud seeding studies, water transfer from other areas and the reservoir drainage are among activities implemented or are in progress to save the largest salt lake in northwestern Iran, Western Azerbaijan Province,” Daemi added.

By Mehr News Agency

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