India proposes to establish Reverse SEZs in Iran

New Delhi, Dec 18, IRNA – India proposed on Wednesday to make investments and especially establish Reverse Special Economic Zones (SEEZs) in Iran.
  The New Delhi based India Times quoted the Indian Chemicals and Fertilizers Minister Ananth Kumar as expressing interest in his Wednesday meeting with the Iranian Ambassador to India Gholam Reza Ansari in establishment of “Reverse SEZs” near Iran’s petrochemical and fertilizer firms.

He said that Reverse Special Economic Zones in such regions can produce goods capable of competing in world markets.

India establishes such zones in countries that have lots of raw materials and returns their products to the Indian markets again.

India’s state firms RFC and GNFCL had earlier proposed to establish urea-ammoniac factories in Iran.

Minister Ananth Kumar said that a joint working group, comprised of Iranian and Indian experts will survey the fields for joint work.

Ambassador Ansari in the meeting invited the Indian minister to visit Iran.



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