President’s adviser: Extremism, terrorism need to be uprooted

Hamedan, Dec 17, IRNA – Extremism and terrorism need to be uprooted in various aspects of the human societies today, President Hassan Rouhani’s Adviser and Chief of Staff Mohammad Nahavandian said here Tuesday.
  “The statesmen in various human societies must yield to the truth that the existing problems in the world and the region do not have military solutions and cannot be resolved by resorting to aggression, as they need to be solved through dialogue,” Nahavandian told IRNA, on the sidelines of an academic event.

He said that resorting to aggression and extremism to confront with terrorism will only lead to the expansion of destructive wars, the massacre of innocent civilians, and further insecurity and instability of the region.

Nahavandian also referred to the ten article proposal of the Iranian president at the UN General Assembly as a good way to encounter terrorism and extremism, which was recently further stressed in an Anti-terrorism Conference in Tehran.



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