Minister auto industry must do away with assembling

Tehran, Dec 15, IRNA – Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade said today with regard to the high engineering and designing capability for different cars and parts, the term assembling should be wiped out from the auto manufacturing vocabulary.

Speaking at an auto industry session, Mohammad Reza Nematzadeh further remarked that in order to reach the target of manufacturing new cars domestically at 40, 50 and 60 percent during the first, second and third year auto and parts manufacturers while taking maximum advantage of domestic capability should accelerate their efforts and leave behind the present difficult condition.

Stressing that a timetabled plan is needed in auto and parts industry of the country, he said such a development in the industry while developing high value added can create outstanding job opportunities for the youth, especially the educated.

He stressed that auto and parts industry should train export-oriented managers and if necessary should use foreign consultants.

Nematzadeh noted that the country’s capability in manufacture of parts has increased as compared to the past and today paying attention to economization in energy consumption and growing production of electric vehicles has attracted the attention of consumers.

The minister recommended parts manufactures to think of joint production with world manufacturers adding that if economic mechanisms fail to operate properly no doubt damage will be inflicted on auto and parts manufacturers.

He said hard currency rate is in fact a subsidy which equips foreign manufacturers against domestic product, noting that growing production is not in need of government instructions and in auto and pars industry steps should be taken towards self-sufficiency.

He rejected the notion of establishing auto and parts industrial units in each city and province of the country and said by the removal of quasi-monopoly in auto industry and congregation of auto and parts manufacturers while reaching real production, products with suitable price and high quality can reach the consumer.



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