World has no option but to sit behind table of talks, says Rouhani

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian President Hassan Rouhani reiterated on Monday that the world has no alternative but to sit behind the table of talks with Iran.

“The world has no option but to sit behind the table of talks with Iran. The other ways are wrong and they tried them. They will lose more if they try them again,” Rouhani said, adding that Iranian nation is trying to rip off the wrong and cruel chain of sanctions.

He reiterated that Iranian nuclear activities have been ‘transparent, tight and legal,” noting, that the country is following a logical kind of negotiations on its nuclear program.

Rouhani stressed that he trusts the Iranian nuclear negotiators technically, scientifically and legally.

Iranian nuclear negotiating team left for Geneva on Monday to continue talks with the G5+1.

The delegation is led by senior nuclear negotiator Abbas Araqchi. The new round of negotiations between Iran and the US, France and other members of G5+1 is to be held from Monday to Wednesday while Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and representative of the G5+1 Catherine Ashton are absent.

The Iranian delegation is likely to meet with the US delegation on Monday and French representative in the G5+1 on Tuesday. Iranian negotiators would also exchange views with other representatives of the six powers on Wednesday.

This round of talks is scheduled to be held at the level of deputy foreign ministers.

In their last round of talks, Iran and the P5+1 countries wrapped up a week of intense closed-door nuclear negotiations in the Austrian capital of Vienna on November 24. The negotiations aimed to tackle the remaining obstacles that exist in the way of reaching a final agreement, but despite some progress, the two sides failed to clinch a deal.

At the end of the talks, Iran and the six countries decided to extend their discussions for seven more months. They also agreed that the interim deal they had signed in Geneva last November remain in place during the remainder of the negotiations until June 30, 2015.

Among the thorny issues in the talks are the level of Iran’s uranium enrichment and the lifting of anti-Tehran sanctions.



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