Iran terms unilateral sanctions against world states ‘Int’l crime’

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – All-out sanctions imposed unilaterally against world nations can be regarded as an international crime, Iranian vice-president for legal affairs said on Monday.
  “Given the extensive devastating and inhuman impacts of all-out coercive international sanctions that have been imposed unilaterally (against world countries), they can be considered as an international crime,” Elham Aminzadeh said in an international conference on the negative impacts of sanctions here in Tehran.

She stressed that the long-term disruption of countries’ economic structures is also a clear threat to the regional and international security and violates the objectives of UN charters, including about human rights.

Long-term all-out sanctions against nations are a clear example of “threat against collective security” and disrupt the principles outlined in the UN charter, Aminzadeh reiterated.

The Iranian official further referred to the need for the international community to mobilize against international crimes and the gradual killing of children, women, and the innocent people by using economic sanctions, and added that the big troubles in Gaza resulted from Israel’s sanctions are a clear instance of international crimes against humanity.

An international conference on the negative impacts of economic sanctions was kicked off today in Tehran. The legal basis of sanctions and their negative impacts on the development of world states are discussed in this conference.

The conference plans to call on the United Nations Human Rights Council to develop a mechanism for monitoring sanctions imposed against UN member states.

By Tasnim News Agency


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