New approach of free zones: getting rid of red tape

Tehran, Dec 11, IRNA – Secretary of Free and Special Economic Zones Akbar Torkan says development of the zones calls for getting rid of red tape.
  Stressing that efforts should be made for the promotion of export, facilitation of production, promotion of technology and supplying the country’s need, Torkan said these provisions which are included in the prospect of free zones have been approved by the Supreme Leader in the debate about ‘resistance economy.’

“Based on law, free zones should be free areas wherein accelerated development is experienced and in fact the mission of free zones is moving towards accelerated development.”

He said Iran is a developed country with first economic, scientific and technological ranking in the region that inspires the Islamic world and has constructive interaction with the outside world.

Torkan described free zones Iran’s prospect in a small geographical piece of land with different climates and capacities and added that for the development of these zones the geometry of living style in free zones should be changed.

Pointing to the fact that free zones are lacking climatic identity, he said all the zones either hot or cold have been built in a similar architecture and therefore are not easily identified and noted that efforts should be made to return the lost Iranian-Islamic architecture to the zones.



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