Iran advocates international peace: Ambassador

Belgrade, Dec 11, IRNA – The Islamic Republic of Iran advocates international peace and security, Iranian Ambassador to Bosnia Hossein Rajabi said on Thursday.
Speaking to IRNA, he pointed out that the peaceful co-existence of Iranians with other nations during the history indicated the peace-loving nature of Iranian culture.

He said that the Islamic Republic of Iran supports peace as the major part of Iran’s foreign policy.

Rajabi called the Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami’s idea of ‘Dialogue Among Civilizations’ and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s idea of ‘World Against Violence and Extremism’ as best proposals for resolution of conflicts in the world.

Spread of extremism and terrorism is the outcome of the unjust current world order, he added.

The envoy asserted that according to the World Economic Forum report, seven percent of the world population own 41 percent of the world wealth.

Speaking about outcome of the injustice prevailing over the world, he said that international organizations including the United Nations have already lost their influence and excessive use of natural resources has led to degradation of the environment.



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