Expert sees new US anti-Iran resolution by March 2015, unlikely

Tehran, Dec 11, IRNA – A senior Iranian political expert said it seems unlikely for the US Congress to adopt yet another resolution against Iran by March 2015.
Talking to IRNA, Hossein Mousavian said another anti-Iran resolution seems unlikely since, based on Novemeber-24 agreement, the two sides are set to reach a conclusion on the principles and general outline of the comprehensive deal by March, 2015.

He noted that even if the Congress decided to adopt a new anti-Iran resolution, the US President Barak Obama would veto it.

Former member of Iran’s nuclear negotiating team further said that the US administration needs at least two months to deal with its domestic issues and discuss them in the Congress.

That is why, he added, March 2015 sounds a quite logical date for development of a political agreement.

Mousavian said the public opinion and general atmosphere in the US is in favor of the negotiations.

He further expressed optimism about the prospect of the nuclear talks.

He said the Iranian nuclear team has adopted policies that in case the US Congress creates obstacles in the way of reaching the agreement, Washington will be unable to form a global consensus against Iran.

Mousavian reiterated that China and Russia along with many European countries have reached the conclusion that the talks are currently at the point that the final agreement could be achieved.

They will certainly abandon the US if they see it is continuing with its excessive demands, he added.

Terming the issue of anti-Iran sanctions as a complicated one, he said he was optimistic about the removal of sanctions by the US Congress in a few years.

Pointing out that the US has been imposing sanctions against Iran for the past 35 years, he said the important thing now is the removal of sanctions by Europe so that the US administration suspends its unilateral sanctions and stops punishing other countries for trade with Iran.



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