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President says next year budget is least dependent on oil revenues

Tehran, Dec 10, IRNA – President Hassan Rouhani said in Tehran on Wednesday that the next year budget will have the least dependence on oil revenues and the government will pursue resistance economy.
Addressing a weekly cabinet session, Rouhani referred to falling oil prices and said this is not merely an economic issue but the result of a plot by and certain countries. ‘The fall in oil prices was a plot against regional people and Muslims and certain countries are the beneficiaries of such an act.’

He said regional people will never forget such plots against the world of Islam. ‘Absolutely, people will show reaction to such a plot and the countries masterminding such a scheme should know that they would make the world of Islam more hateful towards them.’

He went on to say that people should be confident that the government is well capable of managing the country with the same oil prices and the fall will make the country’s budget more independent from oil.

He said the fact that the next year’s budget is less dependent on oil revenues has been unprecedented compared to the previous years and the drop in oil prices has provided a good opportunity to lessen the budget’s dependence on of oil incomes.

‘The Government vehemently pursues the resistance economy and we ask the executive organs to take this into consideration and make it operational.’

He said we should cede the half-finished development projects to the private sector and all executive organs should make efforts to complete the projects in order to raise people’s hope about the future of the economy.

Rouhani insisted on speedy approval of the next year’s budget bill by Majlis to help the country get rid of recession. ‘The bill has taken into consideration incentives for investment by the private sector and defusing the plot to push down oil prices.



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