Iraqi FM: No barrier to Iran air raid on Daesh positions in Iraq

Tehran, Dec 9, IRNA – Iraqi Foreign Minister Ibrahim Jaafari says his country sees no impediment to Iran’s air raid on Daesh positions on its territory.
Al Riyadh wrote in its latest edition that as long as Iran air attacks complies with conditions Baghdad has presented to the UN Security Council, there will be no problem with Tehran’s action in pounding Daesh positions in Iraq.

Asked on the impact of Iran-Saudi Arabia relations on Iraq security in the short- and long-run, Jaafari said definitely, regional relations have drastic impact on the issue and that the stronger such ties are, the more suitable grounds there will be for anti-terrorism campaign.

‘There is a group of individuals trying to promote terrorism in the region by taking advantage of existing situation. Strong and durable relations among regional states will result in elimination of terrorism. This is while, increasing divisions among regional states will prepare suitable ground for growth of such groups as Daesh.’

So, he added, ‘We are looking for convergence of opinions and narrowing of gaps in relations among regional states. We should identify bones of contention and find solutions to them. We are presently working on bringing views of all sides closer to one another given Iraq’s special relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia.’



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