Iran to hold specialist nuclear achievements expo

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iran plans to hold the 30th specialist nuclear industry achievements exhibition in Arak City, central Iran in coming days.

The exhibition scheduled for December 14-17 includes three sections of fuel circle, power plant and ancillary uses of nuclear industry.

The achievements would be shown in different domains, including fuel circle exploration and extraction, production of yellow cake, uranium processing, producing fuel tablet and complexes, waste management, Arak Heavy Water Complex and Arak Research Reactor.

Bushehr and Darkhovin nuclear power plant are also joining the exhibition. Research centers on agriculture, use of rays, laser and optics, nuclear science and technology and fuel circle are showing ancillary use of nuclear industry.

Some 500 products on nuclear circle, 225 for power plants and 275 for ancillary uses of nuclear industry would be shown in the event.

Six large scale models on uranium enrichment, Bushehr nuclear power plant, waste management, nuclear fuel circle, centrifuge cascade and Arak Research Reactor would be presented as well.

A working centrifuge machine is also included in the expo.



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