Government umbrella for protection of national production

Tehran, Dec 9, IRNA – An economic expert referring to the provision of a general atmosphere for development of a collective move in supporting production said the government has issued the order for financial support of national production in an effort to boost economic prosperity.
  Speaking to IRNA, Mohsen Alizadeh further remarked that if is intended to witness blossoming of production expenditures should not be increased as increasing costs in addition to reduction of production and employment will open the way to high import revenues and exert more pressure on production.

He said along with preventing increase in expenditures the government should consider full supportive package to protect production sectors, adding that the supportive packages should not merely contain cash materials but investment for realization of development.

Underlining the need for the expansion of export-oriented outlook in the country, the economist said all sectors including production, trade, public and private should pay attention to this managerial view that Iranian commodities are capable of obtaining a proper place in regional markets.

He said the industrial condition of the country is as such that in some sectors there is surplus production and therefore measures should be adopted for moving towards export promotion.

Alizadeh stressed that support for national production is merely maintained through support for domestic products, adding that if certain organizations or people use national products and others use foreign products the target of promotion of quality of domestic products will not be realized.

Referring to the advertisement of foreign products in TV and radio networks, he said such advertisement in the national media should be reduced as producers of foreign products spend more money and buy the time of the networks as well as taste of the audience; therefore this would create problems for domestic producers.

It should be noted that first vice president has issued order for the payment of 52,000 billion rials in subsidies in support of production in an effort to increase economic prosperity.



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