World trade share of Iran, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan to grow

Inche Boroun, Golestan prov, Dec 3, IRNA – Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev said the inauguration of the railyway connecting Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan will lead to a growing share of the three countries of the world trade.
He made the remarks while addressing the opening ceremony of a railway project which links the three countries in new destinations.

He believed the project was of prime importance for the three countries and extended his congratulations on the final completion of the project.

He noted that another railway project by his country connecting Kazakhstan to China which will be compelted next year, has the capacity of joining the present one, he added.

The inauguration ceremony of the three-nation project was held in Inche Boroun on Iran-Turkmenistan joint borderline.

The railway is of 920 kilometers length, 85 kilometers of which pass through Iran, 700 kilometers through Turkmenistan and 140 kilometers through Kazakhstan.

The route will shorten the distance between the Persian Gulf, Central Asia and Europe by some 600 kilometers, causing reduction in transportation costs.

Passing through Iran, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan, it will play a key role in transiting goods on north-south and east-west directions in Asia.



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