Iraq set to maintain neighborly ties with Iran: Iraq PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has hailed neighboring Iran for standing by his country in its anti-terror battle, expressing Baghdad’s determination to maintain friendly relations with Tehran.

In an interview with the Lebanon-based al-Mayadeen television, Abadi said the two neighboring nations share common interests, adding Iraq will not sever its relations with the Islamic Republic simply because others might ask Baghdad to do so.

The Iraqi premier further said Iran has stood by the Iraqi nation in the battle to protect its existence in the face of escalating terrorist operations.

While the United States was hesitant to help Iraqi armed forces amid security threats to Baghdad, Iran was swift to provide assistance to its crisis-torn Arab neighbor, Abadi added.

In a Sunday meeting with Iran’s Ambassador to Baghdad Hassan Danaeifar, Iraqi President Fouad Masoum commended the Islamic Republic’s support for Iraq in its anti-terror fight and called for the continuation of cooperation with Iran to eradicate terrorism.

In August, President of Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) Masoud Barzani also praised Iran for backing Iraqi Kurds against ISIL terror attacks, saying the Islamic Republic was the first country to supply the Kurdish Peshmerga fighters with arms and helped them fight the Takfiri terrorists.

This is while US and its allies have launched hundreds of airstrikes against ISIL militants in Iraq and Syria, which analysts regard as part of Washington’s attempts to gradually spread its influence in the region.

However, the air raids have so far done little to stop the advance of the ISIL terrorists, who have done horrific acts of violence against all communities in the areas they have under control in Iraq and Syria.

By Press TV


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