Iran self-sufficient in building oil platforms

Tehran, Dec 1, IRNA – Managing Director of National Iranian Tanker Company (NITC) Ali Akbar Safaei told IRNA that the country is self-sufficient in building oil platforms. He added that efforts have been made for transfer of technology for building and repairing large ships as well as for formulation of marine standards which will become operational in a near future.
Referring to the condition of marine industries and oil tankers in the country, he said although Iran’s marine industries are far from suitable with regard to marine capacities, fortunately in recent years and despite all international problems and constraints good measures have been taken in this sector.

As for the possibility of building ships in the country for carrying LNG, he said it needs sound studies to find out how much this possibility can be converted into action as this kind of ship has its own complexities in terms of building and strategy.

However, he pointed out, involvement in building this kind of ships requires establishment of infrastructures and transfer of necessary technical knowhow and skills which will be provided through building smaller ships.

He said NITC in line with empowering domestic industries has initiated efforts for transfer of shipbuilding technology to the country through engineers of subsidiary companies, expressing hope that the result will become operational soon.

The official further remarked that the National Iranian Tanker Company has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran Standard Organization for formulation of national marine standards.

Safaei said primary investment, financial resources and skilled manpower are the three main factors of marine industries in every country, adding that undoubtedly active marine industries will cause prosperity of other major industries such as steel, energy, transportation, etc. which will play an effective role in economic development.

In order to develop the country’s marine industries, the official noted, redundant formalities should be removed, research and development centers should be set up for marine industries and infrastructures for shipbuilding should be equipped.

Underlining importance of education of the required manpower, the official said Ministry of Science, Research and Technology should train the required marine work force which will enjoy a proper market.



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