Iran reaffirms all-out support for Palestinians

TEHRAN (ISNA)- Iranian Foreign Ministry issued a statement on the occasion of World Day of Solidarity with Palestinians, reiterating that it would continue backing Palestinian nation.

“November 29 is a day in which the world reiterates its solidarity with the oppressed Palestinians every year. Occupation of Palestine and continuous organized and inhuman crimes of Zionist regime against inhabitants of the holy land is the origin of creation and prolongation of one of the longest global crises,” the statement read.

The statement noted, “The crisis is the root of many problems and crises in the Middle East and the Islamic World and it is also the origin of unrest and insecurity in the global scene.”

Iranian Foreign Ministry reaffirms human and freedom-seeking goals of Palestinians and lauds their resistance against Israeli occupation.

Iran also called on the international community to heed to causes prolonging Palestinian crisis and find a solution to bring an end to the occupation.

According to the statement, end of occupation and vindication of Palestinians’ irrefutable and certain rights for determining their fate and return of displaced Palestinians to their homeland are solutions to terminate the crisis.

Iran once again called on Islamic states to take quick and unconditional measures to end the cruel seizure of the Gaza Strip.



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