Iran nuclear deal still doable: German legislator

Berlin, Nov 29, IRNA — A German lawmaker of the co-ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD) said on Saturday that a comprehensive nuclear deal could still be reached with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
  ‘I regret the fact we could not come up with an agreement in Vienna but an agreement is still possible,’ said the SPD foreign policy spokesman Niels Annen in an exclusive interview with IRNA.

I believe it’s right and justifiable to extend these talks but we should aim to reach an agreement by the end of the next deadline, he added.

Annen reiterated although Germany is aware of the fact that the Iran negotiations are complicated, the outcome of the talks could ultimately pave the way for ‘normalizing’

German-Iranian ties in all spheres.

We are convinced the diplomatic path is the right way to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue. If we want to have a successful conclusion of the talks, we need to have

especially a realistic assessment of the political situation and the political determination on both sides, said Annen.

He hailed the Iranian government for its ‘very serious will’ to seal a long-term accord.

‘An agreement would be a major success for both sides.

An agreement would be especially a success for Iran since the US would then acknowledge Iran’s status as a civilian nuclear state,’ Annen said.

The MP added while Iran had the right to enrich uranium, the West needed also assurances Tehran would not divert its nuclear program for non-civilian purposes.

Annen alleged the western powers had already made substantial concessions to Iran on the question of enrichment.

The member of the foreign affairs committee hailed Iran as a ‘very important regional player with legitimate national interests in the region.’

Annen said Germany and Iran had both a mutual interest in ‘a stable region,’ including stopping the advance of Daesh in Syria and Iraq.



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