Definitions of resistance economy fully elucidated for government

Tehran, Nov 30, IRNA – An economic expert says policies of ‘resistance economy’ have been fully elucidated for the government and the government is decisive to implement these policies.
However, he added, resistance economy will not bear fruit immediately as reform of the weak points in different economic sectors demands time.

Speaking to IRNA, Ali Akbar Erfani said resistance economy has been tied up with the present conditions of the country and intensification of sanctions in recent years has directed the outlooks towards policies of resistance economy.

He further remarked that economic pressures demand officials to deal with resistance economy and through building culture encourage people to reform consumption pattern and use locally produced commodities.

Stressing that many problems of the country do not belong to the present time, he added these problems have been aggravated with the sanctions but were not created due to the sanctions.

Therefore, he noted, policies of the resistance economy should be implemented both with sanctions and without sanctions as resistance economy has no expiry date. For the same reason the government is firmly determined to clarify the definition of policies of resistance economy to the people in order to have their companionship.

He pointed out that in resistance economy people will gain access to stability and economic growth and with the implementation of this pattern many structural problems that people are faced with presently will be removed.

Erfani referred to the preamble of policies of resistance economy where reference has been made to the prevalence of political, economic and social crises in the world and it has been recommended that normally each nation should safeguard itself against such crises.

He noted that the aim of resistance economy is to reform wrong patterns in the society and added that framework of policies of resistance economy contains new definition which stress on economic growth and its fortification against challenges with the centrality of justice.

However, he noted, some economists critic of government performance have reached the conclusion that still no consolidated policy has been announced by the government in implementation of resistance economy.

But, he said in conclusion, it seems that it is still soon to make judgment and it can be said that bright points can be seen in government’s will for the implementation of policies of resistance economy.



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