Iran nuclear issue cooked up by Mossad: Analyst

A prominent political commentator says the Iranian nuclear issue has been fabricated by the Israeli spy agency Mossad to pile pressure on the Islamic Republic, Press TV reports.

E. Michael Jones, editor of Culture Wars Magazine from Indiana, told Press TV in a recent interview that Israeli lobby groups in the United States are influencing Washington’s foreign policy vis-à-vis Iran and its civilian nuclear work.

“The whole nuclear issue is cooked up by Mossad,” said the US-based analyst, adding that the Tel Aviv regime has “time and again” attempted to hinder the ongoing nuclear talks between Tehran and the P5+1 group of world powers – Russia, China, Britain, France, the US and Germany.

The commentator added that the Israeli spy services have been deeply involved in launching a smear campaign against the Iranian peaceful nuclear activities in recent years.

The Israeli regime has been irked by an interim accord signed between Iran and the six world powers last November and has made numerous attempts to hamper the ongoing negotiations between the two sides.

The remarks come as Iran and the six world powers decided to extend their discussions for seven more months in the search for a comprehensive agreement that would end a 12-year dispute on Tehran’s nuclear energy program after they missed the November 24 deadline set by the negotiating sides themselves.

Elsewhere in his comments, Jones said the Tel Aviv regime’s atrocities against the Palestinians, saying Israel has become increasingly isolated due to its numerous aggressive wars against the blockaded Gaza Strip.

“It is obvious that Israel isolates itself every time it orchestrates one of its attacks on Gaza,” the commentator said.

Israel has launched three wars on the Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip since 2008.

Almost 2,140 Palestinians were killed in the recent Israeli onslaught on Gaza, which started on July 8 and ended 50 days later.

By Press TV


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