The Iran nuke extension is a death sentence

With an angry GOP Congress ready to levy new sanctions and a new generation of Iranian centrifuges spinning up, we can’t wait another four months.

The last time I was in Vienna, I happened upon a little street vendor selling mulled wine in paper cups to guard against the frigid air. When I heard on Sunday that the nuclear negotiators agreed to another four-month extension, I thought back to that Vienna evening and wondered if the negotiators had been partaking themselves. Then it occurred to me: This sort of mass delusion is usually served with … oh never mind.

An extension? Good lord, they are going to screw this up.

You’ve no doubt already heard that Iran and the so-called E3/EU+3 have agreed to a seven-month extension of the increasingly poorly named “interim” agreement to resolve the standoff over Iran’s nuclear program. Iran and the E3+3 initially agreed to the six-month Joint Plan of Action (JPOA) in November 2013, extending it once previously, this past summer.

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This article was written by Jeffrey Lewis for Foreign Policy on NOV. 24, 2014. Jeffrey Lewis is director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies.


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