Tehran Metro world’s second in terms of development

Tehran, Nov 25, IRNA – Tehran Metro has been successful in gaining access to the second position in terms of development of under-construction metro lines.
Simultaneously with Tehran Metro Company’s record breaking in drilling operation and building tunnels and stations in six projects, four intra-city and two satellite lines in a length of 200 km, the research and technical department of the company on the basis of statistics and data released by the International Public Transportation Union (UITP) has prepared a comparative report in this regard.

According to the report, currently 149 world countries transport 151 million passengers on a daily basis through 4,900 km metro lines of which 50 cities are located in South East Asia and Australia which transport about 71 million passengers a day.

The CIS countries (former Soviet Union) with 16 cities possessing 760 km metro lines transport 16 million passengers a day.

The Middle East has seven cities equipped with 300 km of metro lines which transport seven million passengers a day of which three cities with transportation capacity of over three million passengers are in Iran.

The share of Europe in this system is 45 cities with 2,800 km of lines and transportation of 31 million passengers on daily basis.

In Latin America there are 16 cities with 80 km of metro lines and transportation of 15 million passengers a day while North America with 15 cities and 1,500 km metro lines transport 11 million passengers.

According to the report under conditions in which daily transportation rate of passengers in world cities equipped with metro lines is about 1,100 passengers, Tehran metro with transportation of over three million passengers has an application three times more than the world average.

Also, with regard to the length of under construction lines with imminent operation Tehran Metro stands second with 22 km of lines which will be ready in a short period of time, including the northern part of Line 3 and Mehrabad Airport Line.

Meanwhile, Tehran Metro in terms of world capital cities ranking and number of lines stands in the 9th place, in terms of stations in the 11th place, in terms of daily transportation of passengers in 9th place and in terms of annual transportation of passengers on the basis of passenger/hour is in the 8th place of the world.



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