Rouhani: No compromise on Iran nuclear rights so far or in future

Tehran, Nov 24, IRNA – The future is bright and the Iranian nation will be the eventual winner of nuclear negotiations, which will continue seriously till achieving a final comprehensive agreement, stressed President Hassan Rouhani here Monday.

“We have neither compromised over Iran’s nuclear rights, nor will ever do so, and there is no doubt that the Iranian nuclear technology will remain functioning,” said President Rouhani in a TV interview, stressing that today the negotiating sides have believed that resorting to pressure and sanctions are useless in dealing with the Iranian nation.

The president once again repeated his previously chanted slogan during his presidential election that the centrifuges will never cease rotating, while the wheels of the people’s lives, too, will rotate more smoothly.

Appreciating the nation’s continuous presence at the sensitive scenes and their moment-by-moment pursuance of the country’s major developments, President Rouhani said that the system’s entire achievements are gained thanks to the people’s presence, their national solidarity, and the Leader of Islamic Revolution’s support.

“We have gained a bigger success than what has been gained in these negotiations, and that great success is that today the situation is not similar with status during the previous years. Today we enjoy a status that no one in the world argues that in order to urge Iran to yield to the demands of Group 5+1 the sanctions need to be intensified,” he said.

“They say instead that the duration of the negotiations needs to be extended, and more dialogue needs to be held, which is a great achievement in the midway of the path that the Iranian nation began paving on June 14, 2013, and called it a political epic,” added the president.

He said that the world powers know today that dialogue is the only way for achieving progress with Iran, and there is no other way, or option.

“It is true that we have still not achieved a final comprehensive agreement in these negotiations, but I can say that in order to achieve a final agreement we have taken steps forward and the conditions today differ with those that prevailed three or six months ago,” added President Rouhani.

“The logics of the two sides have approached each other very closely, and many of the gaps have been filled, but there are still steps to be taken and a path before us and them to be paved,” he said.

Rouhani reiterated that although based on today’s agreement the Geneva Agreement conditions will remain in effect for some more months, but that is not all, as during this additional period the negotiations will continue aimed at achieving a final comprehensive agreement, and everyone is agreed on that point.

Evaluating the negotiations “positive” as a whole, the president said that there was a time when the other side was not agreed with continuous enrichment in Iranian soil, but today no one doubts that the enrichment must continue in Iran and our nuclear technology will keep functioning.

Rouhani also stressed that once they insisted that we did not need to have a reactor in Arak, but today there is no doubt that the Arak Heavy Water Reactor will remain functioning, save for the alterations that will be made in that facility.



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