Mousavian: Powers sure about peaceful nature of our nuclear program

Tehran, Nov 25, IRNA – World powers have made sure about the peaceful nature of the Iranian nuclear program so presently arranging a program for lifting the sanctions is the main problem, said Hossein Mousavian, a former nuclear negotiator Monday.
 Speaking with the BBC, Mousavian said that the two sides are now negotiating on two types of action, one is related to observing transparency within the NPT framework, and the good news is that they have already reached agreement in that respect within the IAEA regulations.

He added that the second type of actions is related to the peaceful nature of the Iranian programs in the future.

“The western side has been throughout the past five to 10 years been asking for trust building about lack of nuclear escape. For instance being limited of the enrichment at 5% level and some alterations in the heavy water reactor to decrease its plutonium production,” added Mousavian.

He reiterated that there are some difficulties regarding the second type of actions in future deviation.

On seriousness of President Hassan Rouhani for achieving a nuclear agreement, Mousavian said that during the 2005-2008 years when he was a member of the Iranian nuclear negotiation team and Rouhani as the top negotiator Iran implemented the NPT Additional Protocol and suspended the enrichment for a while.

“But the negotiations faced defeat, because the EU was not in a position to recognize and respect Iran’s enrichment right in accordance with the NPT, since Washington was opposed to the idea, otherwise achieving agreement in 2005 was possible,” he added.

In response to a biased BBC question on “Iran’s past suspicious nuclear activities” he said that in accordance with baseless accusations in that respect the agency demanded to visit Parchin, and they did so twice, finding nothing in Parchin, which is a military site.

He added that furthermore, some of the existing technical questions are related to the status of the nuclear program in 1980, which is irrelevant with the current status of the Iranian nuclear program.

“Iran and the agency have also reached agreement on managed access aimed at resolving that issue,” he said.

On possibility of achieving agreement within six months, he said he was almost certain that will be possible, as the two sides have no disputed issue left unresolved and so achieving agreement even sooner, by March 2015 over the general points is possible.

“The major remaining point is related to the time for lifting the sanctions. Iran demands implementing both sides’ commitments within a six month to one year period, but the Americans want to keep the sanctions in effect and lift them gradually within a few years (4-15 years),” he said.

Mousavian said that that remaining problem is related to the US Congress, which wishes to keep the sanctions effective, as otherwise the enrichment issue is already quite resolved.



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