US global supremacy close to end: Iranian foreign ministry

A high-profile Iranian diplomat criticizes the United States for imposing unipolar sanctions and claims the US supremacy is about to end.

MOSCOW, November 24 (Sputnik) – The period of the United States’ global supremacy is close to an end, Iranian Foreign Ministry’s Head of the Center for International Education and Research Hadi Soleimanpour said Monday.

“The conclusion, which comes from the current situation, is that the period of United States’ supremacy is close to an end. European strength and power is also decreasing. This is why the United States refuses to take the international responsibility,” Iranian diplomat said, speaking at a conference in Moscow.

He added that “the unipolar measures, such as creation of coalitions, using power exceeding the limits of UN, or implementing unipolar sanctions [are a] few of the obvious factors of the past years’ international relations”.

“States such as Russia, and newly developed strong powers, including Iran… their relations with each other play a role in forming new, multipolar world,” he explained.

Earlier on Monday, Deputy Director of Russian Foreign Ministry’s Second Department on Asian countries Konstantin Alekseyev expressed hope that cooperation between Russia and Iran will help both countries overcome the consequences of western sanctions.

Russia and Iran have a long history of economic, geographic, and political interaction.

During a meeting held in September, Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani agreed to further expand cooperation between the countries, including technological and commercial enterprises.

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