Palestinian president condemns Israeli policies

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has condemned Israel’s policies toward his nation, saying he plans to ask the UN to set a deadline for Israel to end the occupation.

In a Friday speech in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Abbas said Palestinians are being shut down from all directions and forbidden from using around 60 percent of the occupied West Bank, but they will stay in their country forever.

Warning against the eruption of a religious war in the occupied territories, he called on Israelis “not to come close to our holy sites, just as we don’t come near your synagogues.”

“There is a political struggle between us, so let’s talk politics. Don’t turn it into a religious struggle, because once struggles like that start, they don’t end,” Abbas said, adding, “The Jews know very well that we seek peace and not war.”

He also condemned the killings of civilians, pointing out that Palestinians are opposed to the death of innocent people on either side.

Palestinian authorities have repeatedly announced that they would turn to the UN Security Council with a resolution, setting a deadline for Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian territories.

Abbas has even threatened to cut ties with Israel if the UN initiative fails.

In recent months, Israeli troops have escalated their raids on the al-Aqsa Mosque compound, Islam’s third-holiest site.

By Press TV


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