US under Israel’s influence in N-talks: Shamkhani

TEHRAN, Nov. 19 (MNA) – Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council has talked about the most important current affairs.

In an exclusive interview with Al Mayadeen, a Lebanese TV channel on Nov. 17, and in regard to Muscat talks, and the current status of progress in the nuclear negotiations, Ali Shamkhani asserted that it is still too soon to draw a conclusion about the results and said, “we are hoping that the US, as the main negotiator, takes the Muscat talks into consideration, since Iran is not participating in the talks merely for the sanctions, but because the US itself has come to this conclusion that a military action against Iran is not possible, and would only lead to hefty costs and little result. Unfortunately, though, the US is strongly under the influence of some power relations within its own boundaries, as well as some regional pressures from the Zionist regime, and thus cannot take serious decisions. “

Shamkhani maintained that he was, however, not pessimistic about the results in the nuclear talks and said, “Iran’s nuclear program is perfectly peaceful and our religious beliefs and the Leader’s frank condemnation of the use of any weapon of mass destruction, together with our defense strategy, and the IAEA overt and some great powers’ covert inspections of our nuclear plants all clearly confirm Iran’s peaceful agenda.”

On Obama’s recent correspondence with Iran’s Leader, Shamkhani clarified that it was mostly about the nuclear deal and Iran has sent a clear response in turn.

“We are not after a mock nuclear industry. We are serious about our demands and the Islamic Republic has stated them on numerous occasions and proved its sincerity,” he added, “in fact, this was not the first letter. Obama has engaged in several correspondence with Iran, and has received a response for some of them. This time, though, Iran did send a response.”

By Mehr News Agency

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