Solving Lake Urmia issue a matter of time, public training

ZANJAN, Nov. 19 (MNA) – The head of Department of Environment has said solving Lake Urmia issue depends on public training in cropping patterns as well as time.

Masoumeh Ebtekar who was speaking to the press in Zanjan on Monday evening, said that reviving Lake Urmia was a long-term priority for the government, and ‘good sources have been allocated to the project.’

“The government has approved $230mn for protecting wetlands, reconstruction of aqueducts, changing of cropping patterns, and training the local farmers,” said Ebtekar, who invested much hope on occasional precipitations to save Lake Urmia.

Ebtekar also pointed to air particles and the tracing of possible sources of pollutants in Iraq and negotiations with the country’s officials; “Iraqi minister of water and electricity has made promises on preventive measures; the political volatility in Iraq however stymied the progress of such plans,” she admitted. “There is no single responsible government body or organization in air pollution, and all relevant bodies should intervene for a healthy air to breathe,” the vice president added.

On conservation of animal species, she pointed to Department’s ‘extensive planning’ to save endangered species; “protection of natural habitat of animals is an important priority for the Department; Zanjan province hosts some of Department’s protected natural parks, and a management project has been implemented in Sorkhabad which includes Sahrein alluvial plain,” Ebtekar told reporters.

By Mehr News Agency

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