Iran et al censure UN resolution on North Korea

Iran along with Syria, Cuba, and Belarus has censured a UN resolution to refer North Korea to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

The United Nations on Tuesday adopted the resolution asking the Security Council to refer North Korea to the ICC.

The non-binding measure will go to the full General Assembly for a vote next month.

The group of countries, however, slammed the resolution as clear interference in Pyongyang’s internal affairs.

China, Russia, Venezuela, Uzbekistan, and Sudan also voted against the resolution.

The North Korean envoy to the UN lashed out at the move and warned of far-reaching consequences.

Sin So Ho said that the country was now compelled “not to refrain any further from conducting nuclear tests.”

“The sponsors and supporters of the draft resolution should be held responsible for all the consequences as they are the ones who have destroyed the opportunity and conditions for human rights cooperation,” the official said.

By Press TV


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