Iran acting in West Bank according to Intl. conventions

TEHRAN, Nov. 17 (MNA) – Parliament speaker international affairs advisor has said Iran acts according to international conventions of supporting liberation movements in the West Bank.

Hossein Sheikholeslam praised the Leader’s remarks that the West Bank, like the Gaza Strip, should be armed. In an interview to Mehr News, Sheikholeslam said that the Leader’s remarks were ‘well-thought, wise and timely articulated.’

“The Leader had demanded that the West Bank should be armed, which indicated his depth of insight into the future of the developments in Occupied Territories; the arming of the West Bank would be even more effective in action than the Gaza Strip,” Sheikholeslam emphasized.

“A rocket fired from the West Bank would be more influential due to the short distance of the region with Tel Aviv; from the Israelis’ point of view, things are quite different in the West Bank; since the region is occupied according to international conventions, Iran would not be blamed for inciting hostilities, as it acts according to conventions governing the situations in such occupied lands,” he said.

About Iraqi situation and terrorism roaming the country, Sheikholeslam said that Iran would crush terrorism including ISIL; “the colonialist super powers and the despotic rulers of the Persian Gulf Arab states support and fuel terrorism in Iraq, however, the Islamic potentials of Iraqi majority Shia and a possible call by Grand Ayatollah Sistani for Muslims, which would mobilize large multitudes, to come to the fore rule out any concerns over the situation in Iraq and terrorism,” he asserted.

Sheikholeslam said that the territorial expansionism by Saudi Arabia destabilized Yemen; he praised Huthi group as ‘winning the hearts and minds of the public through Islamic wise policies, thus leading the public, and garnering the support of the majority.’

However, he believed that any attempt to reinstate the rights of the Yemenis would require ‘fundamental changes in strategy.’

By Mehr News Agency

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