Russia, Iran share common stance on Middle East: Iranian ambassador

Iranian ambassador to Russia Mehdi Sanaei stated that Moscow and Tehran share a common approach toward the Middle East.

MOSCOW, November 12 (RIA Novosti) — Moscow and Tehran share a common approach toward the Middle East, Iranian ambassador to the country Mehdi Sanaei stated Wednesday.

“Iran and Russia have common views on the problems of the Middle East and on the way to support stability and security in the Middle East. Both sides believe that the crisis in the region was sparked by the West’s double standards,” Sanaei said at Russia’s Civic Chamber session.

The ambassador said he was surprised by the Western support of the Arab Spring revolutions in some countries while attempting to suppress similar processes in others.

“They [the United States] were very interested in revolutions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya. But they had a very different approach to revolutions in Bahrain and Yemen. These are the double standards, which have brought the world to the situation we are having now,” Sanaei stated.

The ambassador also pointed out that Moscow and Tehran agree on the need to unite against terrorism in the Middle East.

The Arab Spring was a series of uprisings and civil wars that spread across the Middle East and Northern Africa, beginning in Tunisia in December 2010. Within three years, several countries have seen regime changes. Clashes between government forces in Libya and Syria have developed into full-scale civil wars. Protests have been reported in Algeria, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia.

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