Iran’s police chief: Security improving under president Rouhani

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Police Chief Brigadier General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moqaddam said the country’s security indices have improved due to the proper performance of President Rouhani’s administration.

“The measures adopted by the eleventh government (President Hassan Rouhani’s government) have led to the improvement of security indices and reduction of robbery,” Ahmadi Moqaddam said, addressing top Law Enforcement Police units in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari province, Southwestern Iran, on Tuesday.

He appreciated the government’s efforts to establish sustainable development, and said, “In order to manage social crises, we should use social capacities and crises can be controlled in light of wisdom, public-centeredness and realization of social capacities.”

Iran has increased security measures in different parts of the country by using state-of-the-art equipment and skilled military forces.

In relevant remarks in October, Lieutenant Commander of Basij (volunteer) Forces Brigadier General Ali Fazli underlined that Iran enjoys the highest level of border security than ever.

“All borders of Iran enjoy the maximum level of security and we don’t observe the slightest level of insecurity at the Western and Northwestern borders and along the country’s coasts,” Fazli said, addressing a ceremony in the Northern city of Babol.

“This level of security is indebted to the solidarity and integrity between the army and the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) but we should never neglect the enemy’s deception and devilish moves,” he added.

Fazli stressed that the Iranian borders were at their most secure situation compared with what existed all throughout the history.

By Fars News Agency


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