Iran’s UN envoy urges unconditional release of Palestinian prisoners

New York, Nov 8, IRNA – Iran’s ambassador to the United Nations condemned the Zionist regime’s crimes against Palestinian people and called for unconditional release of Palestinian prisoners.

Hussein Dehqani, attending the third committee session of the UN General Assembly representing the Non-Aligned Movement to study decolonialization issue, said the NAM has repeatedly condemned the invasion of the Zionist regime against Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

Dehqani added that such a move is not just because of the huge number of killed Palestinian civilians, but for great number of women, children and elderly people who have been victims of the recent Israeli crimes and homelessness of half a million Palestinians in the region.

According to reports, the number of Palestinian prisoners in the occupied lands have been increasing since 1967 so that there are 850 thousand prisoners, including 25 thousand children, in the prisons without holding legal trials, he reiterated.

Dehqani added that NAM welcomes dispatch of an international delegation by the UN Human Rights Committee to investigate the numerous cases of human rights violations in the Gaza Strip.

Based on ratifications of the 16th NAM Summit in Tehran in 2012, NAM urges the Zionist regime to release all Palestinian prisoners unconditionally and promptly and end illegal blockade of Gaza Strip, he stressed.

Underlining the need for reopening of all border points in the occupied territories,

Dehqani called on Tel Aviv to respect the UN Security Council’s Resolution 497 and withdraw its forces from Golan Heights.



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