Rice imports last year above local demands

Tehran, Nov 4, IRNA – Minister of Agriculture Jihad Mahmoud Hojjati referred to surplus import of rice into the country last year and said this has caused bulk storage for the consumption of which in the market appropriate measures should be taken.
He told reporters that at present there is no restriction for import of rice but due to the high seasonal yield there has been no rice import in recent months.

Stressing that some measures are underway to evaluate the current condition of rice in the country he said at present domestic rice consumption is about three million tons while production stands at about two million tons and the remaining is being imported.

As for market regulation the minister said there is no problem in the field of wholesaling, supply and demand to such an extent that the least increase in prices should relate to the wholesale of foodstuffs and agricultural products.

Referring to the establishment of terminals for the export of aquatics Hojjati said in the area of supplying aquatics for export measures are underway with other countries for the construction of infrastructures in order to prepare the ground for aquatics export.

The minister noted that the main aquatics which are exported are shrimp and non-edible fish.

He pointed to the suitable Russian market for the export of aquatics and said efforts are being made to prepare the ground for the direct export of aquatics and to this end Russian experts are due to visit Iran this month.

Hojjati also referred to the readiness of Iran Veterinary Organization for the export of aquatics and expressed hope that the way will be paved as soon as possible for the direct export of Iran’s aquatics to Russia.



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