Iran puts forth various plans to save endangered forests

The Ministry of Agriculture is calling for a reduction in tariffs on logging imports as a solution for saving Iranian forests from destruction. Iran’s Minister of Agriculture has informed the new UN Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) representative in Iran that the country has new plans to protect its forests and natural resources, and part of that includes reduction in the number of livestock.

The minister has also emphasized plans to expand industrial tree plantations while also getting approval to reduce tariffs on wood imports as a combined effort to save Iranian forests.

Mahmoud Hojjati has called for support from the UN agency FAO to accomplish these plans which are all aimed at saving the country’s natural resources,

Iran is also vying for support from the FAO to remedy its critical water shortage problems.

The Department of Environment has announced its support for a 10-year complete ban on all logging activities in Iran’s forests as an immediate effort to halt the rapid destruction of the country’s forests. However, other experts maintain a certain level of pruning and weeding is necessary to keep the forests healthy and speed their replenishment.

By Radio Zamaneh


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