Vice Pres: Gov’t, Judiciary Force cooperate against acid attackers

Tehran, Oct 31, IRNA – Penalty for acid attacks is non-suspendable according to Article 47 of Islamic Penal Codes and Government is cooperating with Judiciary Force to punish criminals of sever acid attacks according to Article 286, Vice President for Legal Affairs said.
“Establishment of security and creating of feeling secure for the citizens are two different important issues. We have a penal code ratified in the year 1958, according to which the acid attackers can be sentenced to 2 to 5 year imprisonment terms, but in other penal codes the death penalty for such criminals is defined” said Elham Aminzadeh in a televised interview Thursday night.

She added that also the Islamic Penal Code Article 47 stresses that the penalty for acid attacks in non-suspendable which means the criminal must definitely be punished and cannot be pardoned.

Aminzadeh said yet that the penalty for acid attacks is not precisely defined in Islamic Penal Codes, reiterating that according to Article 286 those crimes that lead to disturbing the public opinion, or threatening the people’s health and the public order, including using poisonous and other dangerous materials, including acid, are punishable to death sentence.

She said that also in Islamic Penal Code Article 614 the penalties for those who seriously hurt the people pursuing certain objectives, including taking revenge and punishing are defined.

“We are cooperating with the Judiciary Force to see if it is possible to add an appendix to Article 614 so that if an acid attack will lead to sever health hazards the criminal will be punishable according to Article 286,” said the vice president.

Acid attacks began two weeks ago with throwing acid onto the face of a young Isfahani woman and raised serious concern in public opinion. Official sources have confirmed four such attacks in that city thus far.

Expressing deep regret over such incidents, President Hassan Rouhani has expressed sympathy with the victims and the noble, pious, and brave Isfahani citizens, and asked for rapid pursuing of the sensitive matter in missions for the interior, information and judiciary ministries.



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