Deputy foreign minister: Sanctions should be removed once for all

A senior member of the Iranian nuclear negotiating team Majid Takht-Ravanchi said Tehran is opposed to classifying sanctions into categories and believes they should be removed all at once.

“It is high time for them to make the hard decision if they are sincere in their claims of favoring negotiations,” he said criticizing the West for its greed.

“West has to make its hard decision now”, he stressed.

Takht- Ravanchi, deputy foreign minister for Euro-American Affairs, said Western countries seem to be interested in settling the issue but there are still people who, as before, want to sabotage the process of talks.

He also said that Tehran was trying to get to its desired result in due time and that Iran was not seeking to extend the talks.

He said Iran is not intending to extend the duration of nuclear negotiations.

Iran is trying to get to a favourable result in due period of time, he added.

West should not create excuses, the senior negotiator said, and has to come in terms with the reality of today Iran if it is truly seeking to settle the nuclear issue.

As for Iranian nuclear program, Tehran is determined to get to the objectives set for its enrichment activities, he said.

Takht-Ravanchi went on to stress that Iran will never accept to have enrichment as something decorative.

Stressing that Iran is currently carrying out advanced levels of enrichment activities, the deputy foreign minister said such a nuclear program could not be stopped at this stage of progress.

Reiterating that Iran is negotiating the number of centrifuges, he said Tehran aims at making use of the new generation of centrifuges.

By Islamic Republic Of Iran MFA


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