Iran to export water, electricity to Iraq

TEHRAN, Oct. 26 (MNA) – On the sidelines of Iraqi Prime Minister’s visit to Iran, a new round of water and electricity negotiations were held in Tehran and new agreements were reached between the two countries.

Iranian companies are currently exporting over $1.320bn worth of water and power technical services to Iraq; the Baghdad government, however, has asked for an increase in the volume of water and power trade between the two countries.

Bahram Nezam ol-Molki, Director of Export Development and Technical Services in the Ministry of Energy of Iran, noted that certain agreements were reached on increasing the number of Iranian contractors in Iraq and said, “from now on, instead of European commodities, Iranian contractors are to use standard high-quality domestically-manufactured parts in Iraq’s power, water and wastewater industry.”

This official asserted that the increase in the number of Iranian companies in Iraq’s water and electricity projects will meet the needs of this country and said, “in addition to civil cooperation, the cooperation between Iraqi and Iranian companies will also lead to an exchange of scientific knowledge and transfer of technical experiences.”

During this meeting, Iraqi Minister of Water Resources was invited to visit Iran’s International Water Exhibition which will take place in Tehran on November 17-18, and to get introduced to the latest achievements of Iranian companies in water and sewerage.

Minister of Water Resources Mohsen Al-Shammari stressed, “for the next four years, Iraq’s water resources will need a $1.1bn investment which needs cooperation of Iranian companies more than before. We are also hoping to enjoy the experiences of Iranian companies in our dam constructions.”

By Mehr News Agency

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