Syria in last 24 hours: Army regains control over strategic regions in Aleppo countryside

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army continued its advances in many areas of Aleppo in the Northern parts of the country and seized back control over several strategic regions.

The army units regained full control over the Al-Jabilieh village and a glass-making factory and a cement factory as well as a military base near the Aleppo Central Prison.

Tens of militants were killed and dozens more injured in heavy clashes with the army.

Also in the past 24 hours, the Syrian army cut all supply routes to terrorists in Mourek city in Hama countryside, paving the way for regaining full control of the town.

Elsewhere, the Syrian army took full control of Zamalka region near Jobar in Damascus countryside.

Meantime the local sources announced on Monday that the ISIL has been transferring its war casualties in Northern Syria, specially those wounded in the town of Kobani, to the Turkish hospitals.

“Since Saturday evening, the ISIL terrorists have been transferring a number of their injured members to Turkey through Tal Kania Araban road,” independent local sources in Syria’s Kurdish region told FNA.

“The Turkish army lit the sky by the help of flares to facilitate this transfer at night,” they added.

Meantime, other reports said that 124 volunteer forces have managed to cross the Turkish border on Sunday to join the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) forces in the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani to fight against the ISIL terrorists.

The YPG forces announced that they have killed a large number of terrorists in the past two days.

Sunday reports from Kobani said that clashes between the Kurdish resistance fighters and ISIL had taken the form of street war after the YPG forced ISIL militants out of a major part of the Syrian Kurdish city of Kobani and as the coalition states avoid targeting concentration camps of the terrorists outside the city.

“The clashes between the terrorists and the YPG forces now continue in the form of street wars with warring sides only 5 to 10 meters in distance,” a journalist from Kobani city, Farhad Shami, told FNA on Sunday.

Also, a newly-released report shed further light on the Turkish government’s links to the ISIL terrorists, showing that Ankara is helping the Takfiri terrorist recruits cross the border into Syria.

A reporter working for Britain’s Sky News has obtained documents showing that the Turkish government has stamped passports of foreign militants seeking to cross the Turkey border into Syria to join the ISIL terrorists.

Passports from different countries were recovered in a village near Syria’s strategic town of Kobani across the Turkish border.

Turkey has time and time again been accused of backing ISIL terrorists in Syria.

Meanwhile, a large number of foreign passports recovered from terrorists killed during Syrian army operations show that many of the ISIL militants in Syria had traveled from Libya, Chechnya, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, Belgium and France.

The Ankara government continues to block the supply of military equipment and reinforcements for Kurdish fighters defending Kobani against the terrorists.

Ankara also prevents Turkish Kurds from crossing the border into Kobani to join the anti-ISIL battle for the city.

Kobani and its surroundings have been under attack since mid-September, with ISIL militants capturing dozens of nearby Kurdish villages.

By Fars News Agency


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