Iran daily: Regime warns “we are still threatened by sedition”

More than five years after the disputed 2009 Presidential election and protests by millions of its people, Iran’s regime is still warning of the threat of “sedition”.

Tehran Friday Prayer Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami (pictured) issued the latest call:

In truth, the sedition of 2009 stood against the republicanism of our system of governance….I get the sense that some people want to downplay the significance of the sedition, and wipe away [their crimes], but our Supreme Leader says the sedition is our redline.

Khatami cited the threat of “fitna” on occasions like the Ashura religious holiday in December 2009, when large demonstrations challenged Iranian security forces:

This discord is an old wound in the history of the Islamic Republic, on the one hand you have the hypocrites, monarchists, and dancers, and on the other you have the people and the government.

However, the cleric’s warning is as much about contemporary politics as about a settling of historical scores.

Hardliners are showing concern about the rise of former President Hashemi Rafsanjani, the mentor of current successor Hassan Rouhani, with both sides trading accusations of past betrayals in episodes such as the 1979 Revolution against the Shah and the 1980s Iran-Iraq War.

That “sedition” is not just in the political arena. Mashhad Friday Prayer Leader Ayatollah Ahmad Alamalhoda saw a menace in the cultural arena: “Allowing female solo vocalists to perform is in the interests of the enemies of Islam and enemies of our system of governance.”

Iran Military: US “Fight Against Islamic State” Is Plot to Destroy Syrian Infrastructure

The deputy head of Iran’s armed forces, General Massoud Jazayeri has uncovered a devious plot by the US against the Assad regime:

In the past America has used the Islamic State, and is now using the fight against the Islamic State, as a means of destroying the infrastructure of Syria.

Over the past three years America has used the largest flow of terrorism against the government [of Syria] and has excluded all powers in the region, but the biggest strength of the Syrian people and government is they can prevent the evil goals of America and its partners.

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