Larijani slams Norway for banning Iranian Students

TEHRAN, Oct. 15 (MNA) – Iran’s Secretary General of High Council for Human Rights has lambasted Norway for applying restrictions for Iranian students, calling it ‘a clear example of human rights violation.’

In an open letter to Norwegian human rights authorities, Mohammad Javad Larijani pointed to the recent Norwegian government’s decision to deny residence permit to new Iranian students, applying restrictions against them, and further to expel students under different pretexts. Larijani dubbed it as a clear example of violation of international law, and international obligations by Norwegian government.

“The recent Norwegian government’s measures… all constitute as the clear [example of] violation of international law, and international obligations by Norwegian government concerning the principle of non-discrimination as enshrined in Articles 2 and 26 of the UDHR, Article 2 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and Articles 13 and 15 of the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,” reads part of the letter by Larijani.

“Obviously, any pressure and restriction to deprive Iranian nationals from their legal and legitimate rights in scientific and technological fields are considered as the violation of the International Convention against Discrimination in Education as well,” adds the statement, “Article 1 of aforementioned Convention clearly prohibits discrimination, which includes any distinction, exclusion, limitation or preference which, being based on race, color, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, in addition it prohibits any act nullifying or impairing equality of treatment in education and in particular depriving any person or group of persons of access to education of any type or at any level and limiting them to education of an inferior standard and in-compatible with the dignity of man.”
The statement urges the Norwegian government to “take necessary actions, with positive and logical approach, in order to eliminate all applied restrictions against Iranian students based on [principles of] respect for international commitments and observation of human rights considerations.”

By Mehr News Agency

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