Iran, 5+1 weigh proposals to end differences

TEHRAN, Oct. 15 (MNA) – After meeting with Catherine Ashton last night, Iran’s FM told correspondents that they were now looking into the proposed solutions to put an end to the disputes.

After meeting with EU Foreign Policy Chief Ashton last night, Iran’s FM Mohammad Javad Zarif, said to the reporters, “during the extended talks with Ms. Ashton as well as the meetings of deputies, the remaining issues and various possible solutions to them were discussed.”

“During this round of negotiations,” said Zarif, “we are looking into the proposed solutions to put an end to the disputes. There are considerable differences but this does not mean they are impossible to resolve.”

“But of course this does not mean that we have come to a general consensus, yet,” he asserted, “or that the solution is inaccessible. Everyone believes that this issue can be resolved because Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful, and the technology our scientists have obtained is indigenous and all have come to accept that one cannot wish for this technology not to exist.”

“It is therefore necessary to focus on solutions,” he continued, “during Tuesday talks, we had serious debates about the various solutions each of the countries offered, but we did not reach a common conclusion. I believe, however, that we can reach a conclusion if there is a political will.”

Zarif noted that there will be trilateral meetings with US undersecretary of State and Catherine Ashton on Wednesday afternoon and said, “we will also have a meeting on Thursday with the G5+1 political leaders, for we believe that the attendance of all members of G5+1 is necessary to reach a solution.”

“Iran has no need to obtain nuclear weapons, and our general policies which legally prohibit the possession of any weapon of mass destruction indicate this,” Zarif maintained; “thus, we believe that reaching an agreement will be most useful.”

“We have more than 40 days left and various solutions have been offered to all concerning issues. What we need to do now is to reach a conclusion in regard to these solutions and approach them as a package,” stated Zarif.

By Mehr News Agency

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