Divisive channels tied to UK intelligence services: Iran

Iran reveals connection between British intelligence services and a number of satellite channels seeking to sow division among Muslims.

“According to the information we have, a series of satellite channels, which broadcast programs against the unity of the Islamic Ummah (Nation), were linked to Britain’s [intelligence] services,” Iran’s Intelligence Minister Seyyed Mahmoud Alavi said on Tuesday.

He said the country’s Intelligence Ministry confronts radical and extremist Shia and Sunni movements inside the country, which seek to create religious division.

“Recently, one of the satellite channels [operating] against the unity of the Islamic Ummah, which was linked to Britain’s spy service, was detected by the Intelligence Ministry.”

“These radical elements, [either] knowingly or unknowingly, fall into the trap of the West’s intelligence services. These services connect to them, sometimes directly or through one or a number of middlemen, and direct them, in a way that sometimes even those sects do not recognize they are being directed by these services.”

By Press TV


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