Animosity between US, Iran not conducive to nuclear resolution

While the two administrations in Tehran and Washington are working hard toward and are determined to reach a mutually agreed, face-saving resolution over the Iranian nuclear standoff, a fraction of the US Congress aims to scuttle a deal that is the best chance to bring Iran’s nuclear crisis to a peaceful end.

Logic dictates that if a deal between the United States and Iran can be negotiated, most likely the other members that make up the P5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members and Germany) would not object. Conversely, if the United States and Iran do not succeed in overcoming their differences, the current tremendous, unprecedented opportunity to reach a diplomatic solution to Iran’s nuclear deadlock will be missed.
At the core of the conflict over Iran’s nuclear program is, from the US perspective, Iran’s past effort to conceal its nuclear program, and the program’s alleged military dimensions are reason enough for them to suspend or dramatically roll back their uranium enrichment until they gain full confidence about the program’s peaceful nature. Iran, on the other hand, denies all accusations of pursuing nuclear weaponization.

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